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Soon, there will only be one name to remember when it comes to the best lifting equipment. As a part of our strategy and goal of becoming No. 1 worldwide in the lifting equipment industry, we are Joining Forces under the Tadano brand. The branding changes will go in effect in October 2021.

By unifying all models under one Tadano brand, we will better leverage synergies and ultimately offer our customers a more competitive full line of lifting equipment and lifting experience.

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our new naming formula


With the new nomenclature, the AC 450-7 will be called AC 7.450-1.


Why are you doing this now?

In conjunction with reorganizing the European AT & CC manufacturing sites and streamlining the Pan-American operations, we announced plans to move to a unified brand strategy. This Tadano strategy will:

  • Harmonize all crane models under the one Tadano Brand.
  • Harmonize product nomenclature for all terrain & crawler crane products.

The transition to the one Tadano brand and new nomenclature will be implemented in October as well. Nomenclature will include CC + legacy series + lift capacity + version. For example – Tadano CC 38.650-1

Which brands are impacted by the brand harmonization?

The brand harmonization will replace the Tadano (Faun) ATF and Demag AC all terrain cranes, Demag CC lattice boom crawler cranes, and Tadano Mantis tele-boom crawler cranes branding.


  • When will the re-branding take place?

    The branding changes will go in effect in October 2021.

    Recently introduced models and models that will be upgraded following the announcement will be renamed immediately.

  • How and when will Demag lattice boom crawler cranes be rebranded?

    The transition to the one Tadano brand and new nomenclature will be implemented in October as well. Nomenclature will include CC + legacy series + lift capacity + version. For example – Tadano CC 38.650-1

  • Will the telescopic boom Crawler Cranes be renamed as well?

    The transition to one Tadano brand will also be implemented in October for the Tadano Mantis telescopic boom crawler crane series.

    Nomenclature of the Tadano telescopic boom crawler crane series was updated in 2020 and will remain the same.

    Model numbers represent lift capacity in either imperial or metric, depending upon the market, and EX designates non-USCAN cranes.

  • Why is it good for the customer that everything is called Tadano?

    In addition to Tadano's commitment to modernize and optimize product lines, the brand harmonization will eliminate uncertainty for customers and ultimately offer our customers a broader, more competitive full line of lifting equipment under one brand.

  • Will I still be able to order cranes with the Demag colors?

    Yes, the traditional Demag yellow and blue color scheme will be available at no charge to customers.

  • Will I still be able to order machines in regional color schemes (e.g. North America or Australia)?

    Yes, regional color schemes will be available at no charge to customers.

  • Can I still buy products from my current distributor?

    There is no impact to the way customers buy their products from Tadano. The various regions around the world are managing the sales channels and will continue to do so.

  • I have a crane on order that is slated to be delivered later this year (after October). What will happen to my machine?

    The impact on customers’ orders in-place for delivery date after October will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Our sales team will contact those customers to discuss.

  • How will the transition to the one Tadano brand impact the residual value of my existing crane?

    The Tadano and Demag brands are strong and built on a solid foundation of quality design and superior support. Historically, the switch to the Tadano brand has positively impacted the brand it is replacing, and we expect the same to continue in this case.

  • Will there be any changes to parts and service support for legacy brands?

    It is business as usual. We don't expect any changes. Tadano remains committed to the continuity of our support for current and legacy products.

  • What can I expect in the future with the combined parts & service organization in Europe?

    We have already made much progress with the integration of Demag into the Tadano system and aim to continue on this path. Specific measures as part of the restructuring program include the extension of the Service portfolio and the harmonization of Service processes like complaint handling.

  • What does the reorganization in Europe entail?

    The reorganization plan encompasses a broad range of actions that extend across all areas in the company and that are carefully designed to work together to maximize results.

    Within this context, the processes at the Zweibrücken and Lauf locations will be coordinated even better, and the best characteristics and strengths of the two companies will be used in a targeted manner.

    Another key measure in the reorganization plan will be to update the company’s product portfolio. We want to provide all of our customers with a significantly wider and more comprehensive portfolio of lifting equipment in the future.

  • How are you realigning the all terrain production to support this?

    The new vision for Tadano includes further operational alignment and improvements at our Zweibrücken and Lauf locations. We will implement even more efficient processes as part of the restructuring concept.

    • Building on specific strengths, we will establish competence centers for carriers and superstructures in Lauf and Zweibrücken respectively to ensure better integration of production.
    • Avoiding process redundancy increases potential for improving both companies’ competitiveness.
    • The restructuring entails further important measures, such as transport, test facility, stock level and supplier optimizations for each site.
  • What changes are being made to the lattice boom crawler crane organization?

    The new CC crawler crane business organization will include know-how pooling to give us more flexibility to meet custom requirements and create real value for our customers.

    Creating specialized sales and service contacts will allow us to partner on a deeper level with our customers in the future.

  • What does the reorganization in the Americas entail?

    In the Americas, Tadano is bringing efficiencies to the entire value chain by streamlining its business activities under a unified structure, the newly named Pan-American Operations. All commercial activities for the Tadano Group in North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean, are coordinated by Tadano America Corporation. Tadano Mantis Corporation will continue to be an engineering and manufacturing center of excellence with commercial operations – sales, marketing, service, and parts – for the telescopic boom crawler crane line being coordinated through Tadano America Corporation.

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